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I NEED a Room or I am looking for a place to live
Graisi About me: Female
Smoking: No
Pets: Yes
City/Province: Ottawa, Ontario
Address: South Ottawa prefered
Maximum renth: 700
Moving date: 01.01.1970
Contact: Graisi
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I am young at heart and friendly, yet spend a lot of time alone – I am an ambivert: equally as introverted as extroverted.

I am looking for a female roomate (introvert, extrovert, ambivert, it doesn't matter) of any age who sees the home as a place to relax and for each roomate to have time alone regularly. Someone who only has friends over up to two or three times a week, with overnight visits limited to one or maybe two nights a week (hopefully not every week though). Also, must love cats, as I have one. If you have one or two that should be fine but let's let them meet and make sure they can get along first. No dogs please (I love them but my cat has had traumatic experiences with them). And if you are a new ager that's a plus.

The rules I ask for are as follows: We will inform each other of visitors in advance whenever possible (obviously sometimes people will just stop by and that's fine). We will each clean up after ourselves in the kitchen and share other chores equally. I am not looking for a neat freak, a bit of lived in clutter is fine, but I will not live somewhere that other people are making unsanitary.

I am on disability for fibromyalgia (a widespread chronic pain condition), yet I am not a grumpy, negative person, I always find the silver lining in everything. No couples please, as because of my disability I do not get to go out as often as I would like and that can create tension and misunderstandings when there is a third renter with a couple. If there is any confusion as to if I can make the rent, disability is a steady income.

I am celibate - do not contact me with offers of sexual favours to pay the rent.

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